“Empowering Youths for the Much Needed Change in the World….”


Following the unprecedented international recognition in youth empowerment and activism in recent years, the Global Network for Good Governance Youth Department (GNGG-YD) became functional in the year 2007. This structure of GNGG is headed by a Youth Empowerment Officer, Prince AJONG Christian FOTABONG.

The GNGG Youth Department (GNGG-YD) is aimed at empowering the youths for the much needed change in the world; imparting young people with practical ways to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in their respective communities & as leaders of tomorrow, by fostering active youth participation in democratic processes, good governance, human rights, anti-corruption, job creation, peace building (non violence), climate change, amongst others.

         Our activities include seminar/workshops, conferences, public lectures / advocacy, visits, competitions (essays & sports), research & publication, focus group discussions, mentorship and drama.

Within the years 2007-2009-2021, we were engaged in the following activities:

  1.  Publication of a  Democracy, Human Rights & Good Governance Training Manual for Secondary Schools in Cameroon

  2. Creation of a Network of Partner Organizations, working in similar areas.

  3. Workshop on Youth Empowerment and Civic Engagement.

  4. The Youth Standing against Corruption (YSAC) Project.

  5. Good Governance and Poverty Alleviation: GNGG –YD Job Creation Project to the Youths of Njoagwi, through the development of a Community Palm Estate

  6. World Bank Climate Change Competition.

  7. Good Governance and the Settlement of Disputed Lands (Youth Lead): The Case of Nganjo-Titi in Meme Division, South West Region of Cameroon.

  8. Donation of Human Rights Education Books to HADPOOD Humanitarian Organization.

  9. Construction of a Block of Two Class Rooms in Lebialem Division, with the support of the Cameroon Government: Empowering the Youth Academically.

  10. Pass it On (PiO) exercise  in Democracy Series: Participation, Learning and Active Youths (DESPLAY - Africa) in Africa, an initiative of Young Stars Development Foundation, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USA.

  11. Play Football Stop Corruption; a program aimed at reducing corruption in the football game and other sporting institutions, in partnership with the Partners for Transparency Fund (PTF), New York, USA.

  12. Participated in the Consultative talks in the Cameroon Government’s Ministry of Youth Affairs, in the setting up of the National Youth Council

  13. Participated at the Cameroon Youth Parliament

Projects in the Pipe Line:

  1. Formal Partnership with Young Stars Foundation (YSF), Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

  2. Launching of Democracy Series: Participation, Learning and Active Youths (DESPLAY) in Cameroon as an annual project.

  3. Finalizing formal partnership with Pepperdine University School of Public Policy and Human Rights Centre, for annual exchange of volunteers.

  4. Leadership ability (qualities) tests: small community projects management, to evaluate the participatory, transparent and accountable approach from the youth perspective.

  5. Identification and Award of Prizes to Estimable Young Leaders.

  6. Award of Prizes to out standing youths: academic, sports, human rights, creativity etc.

  7. Youths Employment Forum, in partnership with the Cameroon National Employment Fund.


  1. Ministry of Youth Affairs, Cameroon

  2. United States Embassy, Yaounde – Cameroon

  3. World Youth Alliance, Nairobi – Kenya / New York

  4. African Youth Foundation, Bonn Germany

  5. Local Youth Corner, Yaounde – Cameroon

  6. National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms – South West Region, Cameroon

  7. CAJAD, Limbe

  8. Centre for the Promotion of Educational Technology (CEPET)

  9. Enchi Youth Parliament, Ghana

  10. Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria

  11. Pepperdine University, California, USA

  12. Lebialem Youths Foundation

  13. Movement for the Promotion of Youths Rights and HIV/Aids Awareness (MPYRAA)

Events / Conferences:

Currently, there is no conference announcement, check later.

Employment / Internship:

  1. The GNGG-YD is current seeking the services of Volunteers / Interns. Interested candidates should send an email to:

    Tel: +237 7500 0459 / +237 7753 6682

***             Our Policy is Vibration and Implementation amongst Youths